April 7, 2003

Wherefore A Blog?

Posted in Creative at 8:45 pm by Ian

Nearly everyone I’ve told about this blog has responded the same way, which the following verbatim conversation will demonstrate:
Ian: Hey, look. I have a blog!
Ian’s Adoring But Somewhat Befuddled Friend: A what?
Ian: You know, a weblog.
Ian: Like, a web page where I write stuff…
IABSBF: Oh. Cool. [short pause] Why?
As if I needed a reason.
The answer is simple. I was sitting around the other day and I realized that the only thing keeping me from widespread fame and success was my lack of a large and cultured worldwide audience. I set to work, and after great travail produced the following. Furthermore, I’ve gained an understanding of what was really holding me back. The only things I was lacking were:
1. A large and cultured worldwide audience
2. A blog.
Now that the latter (and certainly more difficult) of the two is taken care of, I expect to attain greatness any day now.



  1. Lisa said,

    That sounds like a perfectly reasonable expectation.

  2. Leslie said,

    Ok…now I feel humbled by an obvious artist. What am I saying? Oh, Ian, seeing that I am struggling not to yell at my computer and my inability to understand javascript as a useful function, I find myself terribly ashamed at my attempt at a website. How simple and elegant yours seems. So, now I must focus on making mine and learning. I just want it to be cool. And useful. It could be. If only I could stop scratching my head in frustrating like a primate and actually learn the shit.
    Yes, dammit, I’ll take cheese with that whine.

  3. Ian said,

    Yeah. So the trick there is to let someone else do all the work. My blog is powered by Movable Type (see link at left; for some reason I can’t put links into these comments), which is really easy to use, so I didn’t have to worry about most stuff. I just type what I want and it shows up 🙂

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