April 8, 2003

It Works!

Posted in Technical at 1:02 pm by Ian

I’ve spent the last several days trying, unsuccessfully, to get my LSD code to work. See, we’re building this mini-golf game. Although at first I thought that the general concept of golf would be enough to make the project fly, it turns out that our requirements are ridiculously specific. I mean: who cares if, sometimes, the golf ball passes through what had appeared (up to that point) to be solid objects? Is that really any different than, say, that windmill that magically transports the ball to the hole, or that giant clown who eats a never-ending stream of golf balls? It’s still recognizably golf.
So, yeah. It turns out that collision detection is significantly harder than it seems. But it all works now. Gravity and everything. Now I can do other things. Sleep, for example.

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