April 14, 2003

They Lost Stems!

Posted in Personal at 1:29 pm by Ian

I just got my registration packet from the Registrar’s Office, which this semester comes with a little “Graduation Audit” thing that summarizes the requirements you have fulfilled and the ones you still have left.
I glanced at it briefly. “Hmm. That’s odd”, I thought to myself, “it says I still have core classes to complete. I wonder what I’m missing…”
::reads a little further::
“Engr 59 – Introduction to Engineering Systems
Oh well; it must be a typo. I took that class. I got an A. It was almost 2 years ago now. So I looked at the transcript that came with the reg packet. Fall 2001: No stems.
Ok, so their system got screwed up, but… let’s see, I’m sure I have an old transcript around somewhere. Ah, here’s one from last semester. Fall 2001: No stems.
W. T. F.


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