April 22, 2003

I Am Not The HMC Charity Foundation

Posted in Dance at 1:49 am by Ian

Some of us Mudders on the dance team decided to get a subsidy from the school for the dance concert tickets we were going to sell. Really, it was all Leslie and Matt’s doing (thanks!), but I get to sit at the table for two meals worth and give the hard sell to everyone who tries to leave the dining hall without buying a ticket.
Tonight was my first shift, and Matt and I had been sitting there for a little while, having sold a few tickets, when we discovered that, perhaps, we didn’t have as much of a subsidy as we had hoped. Evidently the student who runs such things had (may have?) made an error in her books, and we didn’t really have the money. No one knew for sure.
So, there we were, having already sold around thirty tickets that day at a $5 subsidy apiece, and we weren’t sure if we actually had the money to cover them.
Luckily, as I found out this evening after dance, we did in fact get the money, so we can sell the tickets at a reduced price, but it was a nervous situation for a time.
Tangent: While we were there at the table Tara came up and sat with us for a while to help sell. She apologized for not serving her time with the rest of us; she has classes that overlap with all the meals we are working at. She wanted to help though. I suggested that if she really wanted to help sell tickets she should come stand by the table in one of the little Latin outfits.
She tried to kick me.
Funny how that is. All the girls I’ve related the story to have said that she was justified (and in some cases have tried to kick me as well). All the guys have given me high fives.



  1. Sarra said,

    Well, what do you expect?
    It would’ve worked, though. 😀

  2. Josh said,

    Ian, I applaud your cleverness, and sauvity. (You better believe thats a word). And I extend a high five in your general direction.

  3. Ian said,

    High five generally received. Rock on, brother.

  4. mama said,

    Sounds good both ways to me. Hope you sell your fill of tickets one way or the other.

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