April 23, 2003

And Then, Seven Hours Later…

Posted in Technical at 3:11 am by Ian

I had all these plans for tonight. Really I did.
Most of them involved sitting down with Kevin and banging out the rough draft of our Programming Languages final project spec for about an hour after Sci-Fi class, and then maybe watching a movie, having a glass of wine, enjoying the company of the fairer sex…
Any of those would have been quite nice, really. But, no.
Well, we’re done, now. At least, we’re done if you count stopping in the middle of the control flow section and stating “The rest of the features are relatively self-explanatory” in about as believable a manner as those guys on tv who say things like “Satisfaction guaranteed” as “done.”
ugh. I’m going to go crawl into bed and slam my head against the wall until I lose consciousness.

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  1. Jess said,

    Hey Ian… Just thought I’d tell you how much I admire you for you writing not even regularly but DAILY. Count me impressed. I haven’t written in mine in 2 weeks. Anyway, sounds like things are going well with you.. IM me sometime, I’m bored and I donn’t want to study.

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