April 23, 2003

Like Electra, But Not So Girly

Posted in Dance, Personal at 8:40 pm by Ian

I’ve gotten three new T-shirts recently that I’m quite happy with. Scratch that. I’ve gotten one, I got a box in the mail that claimed to have the other (but was lying!), and I’m on a mission to find the third, or I’ll get kicked off the dance team.
So, the WWJD (Who Wants Jack Daniels?) suite makes awesome T-shirts. I bought one of theirs a few weeks ago, a black shirt with white writing in the style of the Jack Daniels logo, but about Mudd. Then this week they were in the back of Platt selling more shirts. It seems they have other designs as well. The other one I bought has the D.A.R.E. logo on it, and it says:


To keep college students off hard drugs on weekdays
I’m a huge fan.
The other one i got was a napster shirt to replace the one I made in high school. Sadly, that one is past it’s prime. To be honest, it’s pretty much past the point where I should be using it as a rag on the good whiteboard, but I wear it anyway. It turns out that napster still has shirts left over from when they were alive, and Roxio, the company that bought them, is selling them off. So the package came today. And, I have to admit, it was nice box. It had tape, easy to rip open with a butter-knife, a pretty label with my name on it, some of those air-filled plastic bags (so the shirt wouldn’t break during shipment?), and a lovely itemized invoice. The one thing it didn’t have was the shirt I ordered. Maybe whoever normally had the job of putting that part in was sick that day. Still, A for effort to the rest of the shipping dept.
Anyway, I had a nice little chat with a woman named Nicole who works for Roxio, and she assured me that she would send another shipment out immediately. It was only after I got off the phone that I realized she never said whether that shipment would have a shirt in it either. I hope that guy doesn’t have anything serious.
The final shirt I’m getting is for the dance party on Friday. It’s an Ancient Greek theme, and we team members have been informed that we all have to dress up for it. I got my sheet all ready, but, really, you don’t want to go dancing with a toga on. So I had to think of something else. Lisa suggested sandals, tan shorts, and some kind of shirt with gold cord stuff. “And laurels,” I added. Because you can’t be Greek without laurels. But I wasn’t sure where I’d find a shirt with gold stuff on it, and, due to my recent blood-giving, I didn’t want to tempt fate by trying to do anything with a needle. Thus, I came up with the T-shirt idea.
Here’s my costume: A Crown, dark glasses, and a T-shirt that says “I [heart] Mom.”
And laurels.



  1. AB said,

    Like Electra? I’m not sure I get this one. Mourning becomes you? You await the reappearance of your brother? I imagine that there’s some kind of connection with the Greek party, but what Electra has to do with dark glasses and a crown I’m not sure. Alternatively, I guess you might just know a girl named Electra who is somehow related to all of this, but that seems like a bit of a leap, all things considered. Just what is going on here?

  2. Lisa said,

    Gotta have the laurels.

  3. Lisa said,

    Ooh! Another idea based just upon the T-shirt: you could be Oedipus.
    Think about it.

  4. Sarra said,

    Hello? Haven’t you guys read Oedipus the King?
    I think it would work just as well for being Orestes, but most people wouldn’t get that… *sigh* I’ll go back to my I-wish-I-had-time-to-get-a-minor-in-Classics sulk.

  5. Ian said,

    That’s a good sulk. It’s not as good as the I-got-up-way-too-early-to-meet-with-a-prof-who-didn’t-show-up-on-time sulk that I have going right now, though.

  6. Patrick (neglected friend) said,

    Yeah, well, whatever. I’m stil pissed that Ian doesn’t call anymore ::tears of neglect::. So go get those laurels, and veto the blood-letting for this week.

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