April 29, 2003

See, What I Meant To Say Was…

Posted in Dance, Inconsequential at 1:45 am by Ian

When I’m dancing, a lot of the time I keep count in my head. Not all dances, or all the time, but a good amount. And I know this is a bad thing to do, but sometimes I can’t help it. The real problem, though, is that, when I go to say something, sometimes I say whatever number I’m on, rather than what I meant to say. So, in advance, if I step on your feet and then apologetically say, for instance, “five,” know that I really meant to say “sorry.” Or maybe “What the hell?” Either way, “five” is what you get.
This kind of thing had never happened to me in text, though, before now. A few minutes ago I sent Kyle a message on IM to ask him a question. Actually, what I did is type a message and almost send it, then had a good laugh at myself and erased what I had written.
I was listening to a song, and instead of writing the question I actually wanted to ask, I wrote the line in the song that was playing at that point. The line was “We should be lovers” from the Elephant Love Medley off the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack.
Glad I caught that one.



  1. Sarra said,

    Yes, but is Kyle glad?

  2. Kyle said,

    Actually, I think I would have had WAY too much fun making fun of Ian for that one, I almost wish he HAD accidentally sent it. =

  3. Tania said,

    LOL! that would have been uber interesting…scene painted in my head: Kyle in red mouline rouge dress…batting his eyes….Ian in full melodious glory singing “WE SHOULD BE LOOOOOVERRRSSSSS”…:erase erase: ok now im scared.

  4. Lisa said,

    I like the phrase ‘full melodious glory.’

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