May 4, 2003

And Around We Go

Posted in General at 10:38 pm by Ian

I saw the new design for the student center they’re going to build over the next few years. There was a posterboard display where the Alumni could see it. Now, I won’t be around to enjoy this center, which is really a shame, as I won’t be able to try out the “condoments” section of the dining hall.
Not that I think it’s a bad idea to build the student center. Not at all. And I no longer see anything but genius in their plan to:

  • Fill in the pool.
  • Build the new building where the pool is.
  • Bulldoze the basketball courts.
  • Build a new pool where the basketball courts are.

Who knows what they plan to do after that. I can only assume that some other innocent structure will be demolished to make way for the basketball courts.
We’re watching X-Files right now. The scene is in a hospital, where Scully pleads with the doctors to try even more epinephrine and electricity to revive a fellow agent who was DOA. They don’t want to, but do, because Scully is so insistent. Now, what I want to know is “Why don’t they keep trying a lot longer all the time?” I mean, if there’s even a small chance that they can save the guy… What, is the electricity bill too high? Do the drugs cost that much? It’s not like they can kill him again.



  1. Nikhil said,

    Well, so far, I’ve been quite pleased with our current “condoments” section – except some jokers are always filling the “used” bin with mayonnaise.
    Eeeew!! I’m sorry.

  2. Ian said,

    I had a very similar joke in my original draft. It got removed because I’m more tasteful than you are. Just like “condoments,” which can be very “tasteful.”

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