May 5, 2003

Stupid Watch

Posted in General at 2:32 am by Ian

My watch, of its own volition, decided to start beeping every hour on the hour. It also beeps whenever I push a button.
“This must end,” I thought to myself. My devious mind can surely thwart a simple device such as this. Was I ever wrong. here are the instructions for my watch, from the Timex people. Don’t look at it directly, though, or you might be driven mad.
I had some trouble because I don’t speak all six of those languages. I did, though, finally find the part of the instructions that tells you how to turn that off. According to the instructions, you use a button that doesn’t exist on my watch. I have an older, 5 button version, of the watch, and where the new, 6 button, one has two buttons (one of which I’m supposed to press to turn this thing off), mine has only one largish button. Needless to say, pressing the large button does not achieve the desired result.
My next plan is to open the watch up and see if I can find the speaker. And then pull that bastard out with plyers.


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