May 7, 2003

Here There Be Drunken CMCers

Posted in General at 3:01 am by Ian

We’re getting new benches out in the quad of North dorm. The workers were here putting them in this morning. All shiny and new-woody.
The reason that we’re getting new benches is that the old benches were destroyed, utterly, by (I believe) having an empty keg get thrown at them repeatedly until they splintered away. A week ago, there was much loudness and, by morning, one of the three benches was no more. The others followed on later nights, up to that big park side-area in the sky.
The story is that it was drunk CMC students. Now, I’m not saying, for sure, that this is not the case, but it seems an awful long way for CMC students to come just to destroy benches. I’m pretty sure that they have benches at their own school. On the other hand, there are plenty of drunk Mudders close by.
This is, evidently, not the first time that the story has been told. I hear (but cannont account for; this is all rumor) that they even managed to sell it for the window that Anand broke. Anand got very drunk, apparently, and broke his window. When seeing: the window broken, Anand passed out on his bed, and the many beer bottles around, someone managed to choke down the following explanation. Drunken CMCers had come up, broken the window, left all their beer bottles, and, I don’t know how they explained this part, but sung Anand a lullaby or something.
Now, they want to put cameras in our courtyard.
Y’know, to catch those CMC bastards in the act.

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  1. Lisa said,

    See, now that’s the kind of administration I want. When the urns on the quotations walk between Pitzer, CMC, and Scripps got demolished after a Scripps party in Humanities, they promptly decided that the Scripps College Council ought to pay the THREE FRICKING THOUSAND DOLLARS to replace the urns even though most likely it wasn’t Scripps students that broke them. And while they’re certainly nice urns, about 3 feet high, green, they certainly aren’t worth $3000. Especially since they’re primarily used as trash cans. AND the security cameras that were installed and presumably caught the vandals on film? They don’t actually record anything, they just show what’s going on. So unless someone is actively watching each and every camera all the time, they’re pretty pointless. $1700 tuition hike this year, folks. Can’t say I really want to know where the money’s going to.

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