May 7, 2003

Why You Should Use A Real Web Browser

Posted in Technical at 4:54 pm by Ian

Go, this instant, and get Opera or Mozilla, or some other good browser. Do not give in to the evil that is Internet Explorer. Experience tabbed browsing, mouse gestures, and a complete lack of pop-ups. It shall be as though you were blinded but can now see. You once were shackled, but now move free.
For another good reason why you should not use IE, go here.


  1. Lisa said,

    You are pure liquid evil.

  2. Ian said,

    Want to see the code for that site:
    <input type crash>
    That’s right. It crashes because you tell it “crash.” Stupid Microsoft.

  3. Sarra said,

    Care to give us a link for what we should use? I don’t feel like Googling.

  4. Adam said,

    Wait that causes IE to crash? What a piece of junk, not that I really needed that to tell me that, but it’s still nice to have another great IE flaw to laugh about.

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