May 8, 2003

Do Not Try This At Home

Posted in General at 4:21 am by Ian

I just spent the last… hmm. Let’s not name exact numbers; they would only embarrass us all. Anyway. The last unnamed portion of time trying to change my email address on this thing. I decided that you all are trustworthy enough to get my real address. And, anyway, if you spam me, SpamAssassin will take care of it!
For some reason, the makers of Movabletype decided to hide the part of the blog software that lets you change your email address in what ended up being a very obvious place in retrospect, but was not where I expected it to be. So, I thought, that information must be stored on some file somewhere, I’ll just grep for my address, and change whatever comes up.
Bad. Idea.
If you ever get it into your head to try to modify database files by hand, just because it looks like part of it is in clear text, don’t. I’m here to tell you right now, it won’t work. Furthermore, that split second after you hit save, when you think: “I probably should have saved a backup of this.” Will torment you long after you manage to undo your foolishness.



  1. Nikhil said,

    Trustworthy enough for your email address, eh?
    Well, welcome to months full of “Standard Penis Enlargement Pills Don’t Work? Try our HOT |_3$B1a|\| $|_u+s!!!” spams. No thanks needed.
    Anyways, I think AB should post here more often, or at least get on his own blog-horse.

  2. Adam said,

    I do have to say though that your approach does seem sort of logical. It’s probably what I would have tried…

  3. Daniel said,

    Spam Assassin rocks! the ISP I work for provides that and made a partner program called Graymail. Ha! WOOHOO!!

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