May 29, 2003

The Matrix: Epilogue

Posted in General at 8:21 pm by Ian

And the numbers are in.

The Matrix Reloaded, in its first weekend (which ended up being Wednesday through Sunday, because of the early release in some parts of the world), made $134,282,716, gross. This puts it $19,438,600 ahead of Spiderman. Pwned.

Anyway. Since most of you suck, and didn’t submit guesses, this was a small contest. The guesses submitted were (in order of increasing accuracy):

Me: $35,145,234 (ok, so this was a bit too much of the fan-boy at work here)
Nikhil: $30,000,000
Dad: $28,343,109

So we can see that, indeed, no one won, by the rules of the contest (which was to not go over). However, for their participation and faith, each of the contestants would have receive the cheapest piece of officially liscenced Matrix merchandise that I can find, except that I just looked, and there aren’t any. Damn those Wachowskis and their integrity. Maybe I could just get a single poster, and cut it in thirds. I mean, their heads are already cut off. How much worse would it really be? AB, for his lack of faith and abysmally poor guess, shall have the honor of the booby cd (it’s just fun to say that word).



  1. Sarra said,

    Who gets Carrie-Anne Moss’s breasts?

    Or do I not want to know the answer to that question?

  2. Ian said,

    Only you can tell if you want an answer to that question. In order for fairness to be maintained, I was thinking of the Agent Smith poster, in which case whoever requests the bust shot may have it.

  3. Dad said,

    I was the closest! I was the closest!

    Sorry, I’m back under control.

    But next time, you’re getting all 10 million e-mails instead of the script.

  4. nikhil said,

    Oi! Gimme my booty!

    My pride lives off of consolation prizes…

  5. Ian said,

    Dude. Yours is going to wait until you get back. Ain’t no way I’m paying for shipping to Australia.

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