May 30, 2003

D.A.R.E. to Keep Kids Off Snack Food

Posted in General at 9:24 am by Ian

I was eating some Pringles out of the can yesterday (augmented with a whole carrot, eaten Bugs Bunny style, and blocks of cheese cut off the big chunk), and I all of a sudden remembered the commercials they used to have. Remember: the “Once you pop, you can’t stop!” ones, where they had all the people doing some kind of performance art with Pringles as the center of attention. You know, just like when I get together with my friends to rap about the pizza we just bought, or tap dance around the bottle of coke.

And, clearly its worked for them. Potato chips already have a pretty damn high profit margin, given that potatoes cost about as much as water, by weight. Yet Pringles took it to a new level. Instead of the big bag of chips, they just give you the little cylinder. Yet they still charge about as much. Or more. Yet they’ve managed to establish themselves as the classy potato chip, the potato chip that young, on-the-go individuals such as how you’d like to think of yourself consume.

It’s gotta be the ads.

So I was thinking about those ads, and I realized that, really, the message given in those ads is precisely the same thing that our parents used to tell us about drugs.

Perhaps they should try another tack.

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  1. Dad said,

    And the first tube’s free.

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