May 31, 2003

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Posted in General at 10:30 am by Ian

My mom came down to visit this weekend, so we’re going off today to see some of her relatives in the LA area, and then I think tomorrow we’re going to see the Getty, which I’ve heard is really cool.

Research has been going ok, but a little slow. I think it’ll speed up a lot when Ran gets back in town. Or maybe not. I’m not really sure how this kind of thing works. I have to prepare a short presentation on one of the papers we read. Luckily, I managed to get one of the ones I thought I understood pretty well, so that shouldn’t be too hard.

Expect a massive update sometime soon, as I fill you all in on the week I spent off at Catalina Island.



  1. Lisa said,

    Fill us all in soon! Lina said you ‘contributed a lot’ to discussions in Mark 1… I want to hear all about it, boy!

  2. Sarra said,

    The Getty is ok if it’s your first time… After that it goes downhill fast. But then, I’m probably not the one to ask, because if a museum doesn’t have artifacts I think it’s a waste of my time.

    We’ll ignore the fact that you didn’t ask me for the time being. πŸ˜‰

  3. Adam said,

    Um… the Getty has a phenomenal collection of Grecian and Roman statue and pottery, at least it did when I was there… And the buildings themselves are phenomenal.

  4. Sarra said,

    A) I don’t remember any pottery. If it’s there, I never got to see it. 😦

    B) I’m no more fond of sculpture than I am of paintings. Art is boring.

    C) The gardens are beautiful, if you like gardens. I like gardens for about five minutes, unless they’re mine.

    D) I would probably have liked the Getty a lot better if 1) we didn’t go consistantly every year in elementary and middle school since second grade, and 2) my blasted fourth grade teacher didn’t ruin every single feild trip we took by having us write thank-you letters to every single person we might possibly have come in contact with, plus a half dozen we most assuredly didn’t. I will never be able to go to the Getty without remembering the hours (ok, minutes) spent slaving away writing a thank you note to the head gardner, whom we never even met.

    I will, however, gladly take the Getty any day over LACMA. Please god, not again.

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