June 1, 2003

Das Getty

Posted in General at 8:36 pm by Ian

So, it was a very cool experience. It’s a beautiful museum, and filled with wonderful and impressive pieces of art. Adam was right that they have some excellent Ancient Greek and Roman sculpture. I definitely recommend that you go visit it. However, I would caution you to carefully choose your visiting companions.

It turns out that I am capable of appreciating art at a much higher rate of speed than my Mom and Aunt Sandy are. At first, this worked out pretty much ok, but as the day got on, we all got kinda tired, which made them slower and me more antsy. By the time we got to the tapestries, I tended to enter and leave the galleries many many times because, having already gone through the room and seen everything (and I wasn’t running through the rooms either. I took at least 30 seconds or so with every piece, more with the ones I liked), I would try to sort of hustle them through so we could go on to other stuff. My hope was that by exiting the room, they would realize that they didn’t really want to see it anyway. No such luck.

We ate lunch in the garden. The gardens are beautiful, and Sandy was especially impressed (They ‘parently don’t have floars like that down in Texas). It was awfully froofy food for a little cafe thing. The ham and cheese sandwich I bought was ham and brie. The salt and vinegar potato chips I had were organic. Still, it was quite good.

At one point, reading in the little guide to the grounds that we had picked up by the entrance, I pointed out that the stone used to create the museum took 100 freighter-trips to bring over from Italy. However, every other time this factoid was repeated, it was repeated as “Ian said….” As though I had taken a glance around the grounds and, factoring in my well formed knowledge of the tonnage of the average ocean-going freighter, announced that it was “97, no, probably a few more; yes, I think 100 loads would have done it.”



  1. Lisa said,

    See, I told you all that time spent estimating the tonnage of the average ocean-going freighter would pay off!

  2. Ian said,

    And when I laughed, deep down inside I was thanking you.

  3. Sarra said,

    As you should be!

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