June 2, 2003

The Hills

Posted in General at 11:49 pm by Ian

I’ve spent some time in the last few days with my family on my maternal grandmother’s side (The Hills). My Great Aunt Ruthie and her daughter Sandy came over from Texas to visit Great Aunt Joanne, who lives in San Gabriel with her son Joe. On Saturday, Joanne’s son Patrick and her daughter Margie came to visit. Patrick brought his girlfriend Jessica, who looks way younger than I hope she is, given that Pat is 33. Today, Greg came to visit, but missed dinner (and I had to go, so I didn’t see much of him).

Margie is like a little girl. She has a savant-like appreciation for dates, and knows everyone’s birthday (I think she was a bit disappointed when I didn’t know the birthdays of random friends about whom I was talking). She was always asking people how they were, and if they needed anything. Individually, too.

Joe is very quiet. But, hey, he laughed at my jokes, so I count him ok.

Aunt Joanne is a devout Catholic (different, according to her, from a good Catholic), who is very passionate about her faith and her home. She’s a nice old lady.

Aunt Ruthie is a kick and a half. She has a great sense of humor, and quite a sharp wit. She was mentioning how happy she was that she had a pool, and then the subject turned a bit.

Ruthie: I’ve been told that I haven’t really enjoyed my pool until I’ve gone skinny-dipping.

Joanne: Oh, no!

Mom: Does your pool have a fence around it?

Ruthie: no.

Mom: Well, that’s a problem then.

Ruthie (waving her hand in disagreement): Oh, not for me, babe.

Pat seems like quite a nice guy. We talked a bit, but my real insight into his character came when, after the pictures came out for the umpteenth time, and I snuck away to watch The Simpsons on my laptop, he was there with me in a few minutes.

Greg is a cool guy, who I’ve met several times before. He just got back from a trip to Japan, visiting some manufacturing conference for Intel. He seemed tired, and was, I’m sure, eager to return to his wife and three little Hills.


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  1. Sarra said,

    I think your Great Aunt Ruthie and I would get along splendidly. 😉

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