June 4, 2003

Catalina Island Part I

Posted in General at 11:11 pm by Ian

Since there’s a lot to talk about (and I haven’t even written it all down yet) the lost posts from two weeks ago will be put up in installments.

May 19, 2003

After staying up almost all night packing things up out of my room (because, of course, they couldn’t just let me leave things in my room for a week before I move into my summer room; I have to put things in storage, and then take them back out in a week.), I got about 2 hours of sleep in my bed before I got kicked out of my room.

So then we were hanging out wondering what to do for the next few hours (the buses to the boat didn’t leave until noon). I went over to Liz’s apartment to eat whatever she happened to have left. In fact, I have to thank Liz for all the food I got in the last few days; she had a bunch of food just around for everyone to munch upon. So after a delicious breakfast of vienna sausages (only the first half of which were heated, because the microwave got packed when I wasn’t looking), Oreos, and guava juice, Phil and I headed off to (why not?) go play Warcraft for a few hours.

When we finally got down to the buses, they handed out sandwiches, and we all boarded the school buses they had rented. For the next hour or so I found out how difficult it was to sleep on a school bus with my head balanced on the seat in front of me.

Then there were boats and stuff.

On the island, we got situated, ate dinner, and then went to the first session of our respective studies. I did Mark I study, which was an in-depth inductive study of the first third or so of the book of Mark. All-in-all, we spent over 50 hours in study during the week. The portion of Mark that we read was about 15 pages, double spaced.

To be continued…


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