June 8, 2003

Summer Reading

Posted in General at 7:06 pm by Ian

While I was wandering over the web in search of an applet that would do polynomial regression on the results for some test runs of our postulated recursive formulation for the transmitter limited unidirectional path case of the problem we’re working on (try saying that three times fast. Or even once.), I found one at someone’s page in CSU Stanislaus’s domain. I ended up not using that one, but that’s not what this is about, anyway.

While looking at CSUstan’s main page, I noticed their summer reading program, which is advertised in a center image on the home page. The picture is of a girl reading Ender’s Game on the grass. “Cool,” I thought, “their summer reading program includes science fiction.” Nope. Not includes. Is.

The entirety of the summer reading program at CSU Stanislaus is Ender’s Game. This is a book I read when I was nine years old.

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