June 16, 2003

Urge to Kill… Rising

Posted in General at 11:36 pm by Ian

I first became aware, recently, that I should figure out what was happening with my rent bill when an email came out from Sunshine, the Student Accounts person, stating, in a quite patronizing tone, that there had been some confusion regarding the amount due for the month of June, but “the established monthly rate for summer housing is $465 regardless of the number of days in the month – just like rent in an apartment.”

This provoked a quick response from someone who was paying attention, and who pointed out that the housing contract we signed had a slightly different take on the matter.

No response from Sunshine was forthcoming.

This stewed about in my head for a few days, and then it occurred to me: Hey! I should have gotten one of those bill thingies. So I wandered on down to the Students Accounts office. They, it turns out, decided to send my bill to my home address.

I inquired as to why this was, given that:

  1. My billing address has always been at school.
  2. This was the bill for summer housing rent

There was no good answer for that. Also, I wasn’t just being overcharged the $15 that everyone had been overcharged, I was being overcharged $120, because I was also being charged for the first week after school, during which I was not in residence. In order to fix this, I must go see the Dean of Students, who has rent agreements and such.

I went to the Dean of Students to get this all straightened out. How foolish I was. See, I didn’t really need to see the Dean of Students. They only said that in the hopes that I would eventually become fatigued by the travels, or would realize that I would be much better off spending my time in a more lucrative fashion, such as selling my blood, or beating little kids for lunch money. Who I really needed to see was Crystal Whinery, who (surprise!) couldn’t see me today because she was very busy. Please send an email.

So I sent the email. This was on Friday. I received no response. Today I go back to F&M and ask to see Crystal. Ah. The reason that I couldn’t see her, the reason she was so busy, was that she was getting ready to go on vacation. She will be gone for a week. Rent, on the other hand, is due in three days.

I had a nice snappish conversation with the receptionist, who wanted to know what I hadn’t dealt with this before Crystal went on vacation, to which I replied that my copy of the F&M vacation schedule must have gotten lost in the mail along with my bill. She eventually agreed to let me see someone. The woman I saw took out a file folder with a bunch of papers to find the one that said I was there a week earlier than I was, and then showed it to me. I looked appreciatively at it for moment, and then pointed out that it was wrong. She looked around in her file for a minute more before saying that that was all she had. “Ah, yes.” was my reply. Then I sort of sat there for a bit, until she offered to send an email to Sunshine telling her to change the amount.

“That would be great,” I said. “Thank you.”

An email. Telling her to change it. What a marvelous idea. If only I had thought of something like that.

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  1. mama said,

    This sounds like my life right now. If it is not for the health insurance coumpany who makes me right appeals for every last bleedings bill, I would not know what to do with my free time.
    Well except for the Social Security adminsitration, that is. I filled out lots of papers for the SSA a month ago. I failed to fill in a part about a friend of relative who knows about my disability. Big mistake. Never fail to fill in a blank. This lack or failure on my part resulted in , count them, 25, more pages of information to be completed in the next 10 days. If I fail to make this lateset deadline I will miss “avoiding any possible delay in your claim”. They are just wanting to delay my claim. They exist to delay calims. It is what they do. It is all they do. They will never stop. They will keep on delaying my claim “for reasons outside of their power” until I give up move away or… They have delayed my claim since December. It is only June. But I must rush to “return this form immediately” Hurry up and Wait. That is what any federal agency does. Red tape and a waste of time. Ah well.

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