June 18, 2003

A Torrent of Magazines

Posted in General at 12:47 am by Ian

Last summer I was disappointed that I didn’t get my magazine subscriptions forwarded. And there was no point in trying to do a change of address thing, becuase they all require some large period of time, like 8 weeks, notice before they’ll actually change anything. I’m just not that organized.

So I did without.

I’m sure making up for it now!

All the undeliverable magazines (which are, it turns out, sent at a lower rate than first class, and thus cannot be forwarded without additional charge) are placed in a milk crate in the mail room, for anyone to take. As a result, I have about 20 magazines on my couch after a few weeks. Some days I get three or four! And all kinds of stuff, too. Some of the technical magazines that people get here are quite curious.

And, of course, I’m keeping up my end of the bargain by putting all my issues of Sports Illustrated, Field and Stream, and Right Wing Whack-job Monthly, or whatever else I get, into that bin too, for anyone else to take.

Oh, and Phil, when you want ’em, I have all your magazines for you 😉



  1. Philip said,

    Awesome! Thanks a bunch Ian. Just throw them in some box somewhere and I’ll grab them from you in the fall. I’m glad that you’re able to put them to better use than the garbage… which is where I had assumed they were going.

  2. Daniel said,

    BLAH! Blah I say!!

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