June 21, 2003

Gaming: Part I

Posted in General at 3:41 am by Ian

I played a game of Civilization, the board game, tonight. Or, part of a game, I should say. We played from around 4:30 pm until maybe 1:30 am. I would describe the game as “terminally long.”

It’s a very interesting game. Kinda like Risk, but with much more complexity. There’s trade, and a particular order things go in, and it seems like every step you take forward in one direction takes you backward in another, which makes it difficult to figure out an optimal strategy. That’s one sign of a great game. The other one is a readily reachable end state, which, sadly, this lacks. As much as I enjoyed parts of the game, I will not be playing this one again. Too damn much time-suck for a game that is unlikely to finish.

More on this, and other games, in a bit. Right now, though, I’m exhausted.

Sleepy time.


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