June 22, 2003

Ian Can Cook!

Posted in General at 9:33 pm by Ian

This afternoon, I tried my hand at some gourmet cooking. One of the magazines I picked up was Food and Wine, so I busted out with some saucepans and got my soup on.

I made Creamy Asparagus Soup with Lemon Dumplings. Took about 3 hours in total, but I tasted some of the soup while I was cooking it, and it will be well worth it (I’m having people over tomorrow for dinner). First, I made the lemon gelatin stuff to put in the dumplings. Then, I had about two hours while it set to go in search of a sieve, which I would need for making the soup. It took me only three suites to find one, but I think it may have been too small, ’cause it took, like, four years to filter through there.

The instructions said that you were supposed to (after cooking it, of course), run the soup in batches through a food processor and then the sieve, returning it to the pan to cook a bit more. What it really ought to have said is to run it in very very small batches through the food processor. I filled the blender with soup, turned it on, and discovered that asparagus, in it’s liquid form, is not a vegetable to be trifled with. There was some kind of explosion in there, and then there was hot hot hot everywhere, and I was frantically jabbing at the stop button. I then put about half that much in, and it did it again. Only this time, because the soup had more space to accelerate in, it went even farther. I would conservatively estimate that about 20-25% of the surface area of the kitchen, including me. It got on my glasses and in my hair, and all over the floor.

The next time I put maybe four drops of soup in there, and worked up from there.

While the soup was cooking, I made the dumplings. I had the singular experience of dicing jello, the lemon filling that I had made. Then I wrapped them in won ton wrappers, which are funny little squares that stick to every wet surface except themselves.

When it’s all done, though, it doesn’t seem like that much soup. It says it serves six, but I’m thinking that with just bread and salad, perhaps it doesn’t serve that many. Plus, I have to factor into the fact that, even spread pretty thin, 20 square feet of kitchen absorbs a lot of soup. Maybe it’ll be sort of an afternoon tea or something instead.

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