July 5, 2003

4th of July

Posted in General at 3:01 am by Ian

Had a good day yesterday. Hung out with Doty, and his friends Marney and Justin, and had a barbeque before going up to the hill above the Pitzer pool to watch the fireworks. When we were at the store, I decided that, since we didn’t really have anything to do that afternoon, I was going to bake a pie. Apple pie, of course, given its patriotic leanings. Of course, I had no idea what we needed (some sort of fruit or something…), so we had to go back home and look up a recipe and then go out again to get the necessary supplies.

Found a recipe with really interesting ingredients in the crust, including mustard and cheddar cheese, but Doty swore by it, so we went for it. Justin and Marney went back to their apartment, so Doty and I cooked. Lemme tell you: that man is anal in his kitchen. I think the fork I was using (which, had I been left to my own devices, would have been used to stir everything that needed stirring all by its lonesome) was snatched from my hands and washed, like, four times in the course of making the pie.

I was sure that eight apples would be too many, but we did finally fit them in there, the result being a pie that was rather more spherical than traditional pies. By the time the barbeque was over, the pie was just getting done, and when I walked back inside, the entire hall smelled so good. The pie turned out awesomely, and the crust was really good with the apples; it cut the sweet some. We were all so full by then, though, that we could barely eat any.

We went up to watch the fireworks show, and it was quite pleasant. The nights are lovely here. I went out for a walk last night at around one in the morning, and it was just so pleasant. It finally cooled down a bit, but not so much that I wasn’t comfortable in a t-shirt.

And then I went down this morning to have some pie for breakfast. I had one warm piece and one cold one, and I’m undecided on which is better. Warm might beat out cold easily, except that cold pie doesn’t melt the whipped cream. Mmm. pie.


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