July 9, 2003


Posted in General at 6:00 pm by Ian

That’s right.

From now on, no need to remember and type in arcane and foolish addresses like http:\ftp.rs.odin.ac.hmc.edu.gov.net.com/~stuffhere/TLAmadness/weblog.


Of course, you still see the old address up there. That’s because it costs money to change that part and, frankly, y’all just aren’t worth it.



  1. nikhil said,

    Fix your hyperlink.

    http://www.evilblog.net is just too much for me to type, and so is evilblog.net

  2. Ian said,

    You’re a little bitch.

  3. Kyle said,

    Yeah, why should I try to remember and type in evilblog.net, when I can just open a bookmark. Silly Ian.

  4. Philip said,

    Why open a bookmark when you could just set it as your homepage and tell windows to open it up on start-up?

    While you’re at it, write a script that opens another instance every time you close or navigate away from evilblog, and does a reload every 30 seconds. After each reload it should scan for changes to the page and set of a loud audible alarm to notify you that you need to look at it.

    Now if that isn’t technology improving our lives, what is?

  5. Ian said,

    Yeah. That’ll be in evilblog 2.0, Enterprise Edition.

    Oh, and Kyle, perhaps you should ask our old friend Sarah, who, when I asked if she’d taken a look at the blog recently, responded: “Blog, Oh gosh. I don’t remember the address for that thing.”

  6. Zakarov said,

    You might be able to use mydomain.com to mask the odin url. (it’s free, and free to transfer, but you probably have to wait some specified time to transfer from your registrar or whoever you bought the domain from (the time is buried somewhere in your license agreement))

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