July 11, 2003

Orwell Was Right

Posted in General at 6:20 pm by Ian

Went to see League of Extraordinary Gentlemen today, silently cursing myself when I actually referred to it, aloud, as LXG. Damn marketingspeak.

It’s everywhere.

At In n Out, I saw the sign reminding employees to wash their hands. Except that it didn’t remind employees, it reminded Associates. What the hell! How can a business that doesn’t have “Association” in its name have “Associates.” Since when did the word “employee” become the PR version of leprosy? Are we supposed to not realize that this is a business. All these people are just freely associating with each other in their own personal and spiritual journey to make me a burger?

In the theater, the intro section reminding people not to make noise splashed a screen: “Silence is Golden® AMC Theaters.” How the hell can “silence is golden” be a registered trademark?! It’s been a saying for decades, if not longer; it’s in the damn song! Googling the phrase produces 27,000 hits, only 74 of which have “AMC” anywhere in them.

Not to mention the fact that there were literally 30 minutes of advertisements and previews before the movie. I hear a lot of movie theaters are having financial troubles. Amazingly, raising prices to $10 a ticket and forcing you to sit through ads hasn’t improved their bottom line.

Single Tear: 😥

What’s Up?™ (hereinafter “the phrase”) will henceforth be a trademarked brand wholly owned and exploited by EvilBlog.net® and it’s parent company Evil Team Inc.® (no, really. That’s who owns this website. Check the whois). Valid uses to determine current goings-on must be preapproved in writing. Any infringement will be met with severe repercussions, once the EvilLegalDept. gets its cash flow issues worked out. The phrase is offered as is, with no warranties expressed or implied. Uses of the phrase to determine some physical properties about the substance in the direction commonly referred to as “up” are non-infringing, as are general inquiries as to the nature of directionality



  1. AB said,

    I’m not sure that the Evil Team should have an open and direct link to a company (Evil Team Inc). It seems more evil to run things through shell organizations, like Evil Enterprises, or Evil Industries. But I guess it’s not that important, as long as the legal department keeps us covered liability-wise.

    By the way, what did you think of the movie. I saw it tonight, and the phrase “wasted potential” comes to mind. Also “laughably unbelievable submarine”.

  2. Ian said,

    I will agree on both counts. It seemed to me that there were three distinct phases to the movie: character development, first task, second task, and no attempt was made to seamlessly go from one to the other. In fact, they could have just had brief intermissions. The extensive amount of time spent on character development was the best part of the movie, considering that the characters were so cool. The rest, though, was too predictable.

    And I didn’t like the way they wrote Tom Sawyer.

    And the ending of the movie was about 3 seconds too short; either do it or don’t, but hinting at that shit is annoying.

    For me, the most laughable part of the submarine was when, in the conference room that appears to be wider than the entire ship itself, the ship takes damage, and all the tables are overturned in the ensuing near-sinking all twenty or so people in the room are seen setting the tables back up afterward. That’s their biggest concern. The tables. The fact that there are two fairly large holes in the side of the ship doesn’t give them pause or send them to, I don’t know, battle stations or something?

  3. PB said,

    Indeed, there is need for numerous Evil umbrella corporations . But in an attempt to retain the economic autonomy of the members of said corporation, I think a LLC might be more appropriate. You could even set up a headquarters in the Bahama’s in order to avoid US corporate filing requirements and fees.

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