July 11, 2003

Tastes Like… Wait. What the Hell’s In This?!

Posted in General at 12:25 am by Ian

I realized a few days ago that, in the short time I have left here, there is no way I’m going to finish the sundry items in my pantry unless I seriously work at it. I’m going to have to pioneer recipes such as “Ramen-Bean Tuna Casserole,” “Hot Chocolate Ramen,” and “Canned Food Surprise! (now with Ramen!)”

On Tuesday I went to Ran’s house for a barbeque with the rest of my research group, which was quite good. Nothing quite like steaks cooked outdoors. He has a really nice house, very clean architecture and lots of wood inside, with a nice garden and trees in the backyard. It’s been so warm here that we stayed outside until way late at night, until we finally walked back. Kinda strange that it’s this warm, and humid. I always expected LA to be more desert-esque and cold at night.



  1. Philip said,

    How many truckloads of ramen did you buy? And how many weeks do you have left anyway?

  2. Ian said,

    One (1) metric assload. And 3.

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