July 12, 2003

Paging Dr. Danger…

Posted in General at 1:20 pm by Ian

I had to register for some site that had computer science research papers on it. We thought it would have the paper we wanted (actually, it did, but didn’t let us look at it, because we don’t have an account). Because I hate those registration sites, I filled it out with fake info, as usual. This time I decided to be Dr. Johnny Danger. The way the site works is, it takes your info, and then produces a login name for you. You don’t get to pick.

The one it gave me was johnnydanger3.

That’s right. There are at least three other people out there who are either named Johnny Danger or who picked a surprisingly coincidental false name. Anyone who actually knows a “Johnny Danger” is urgently requested to contact this blog immediately.

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