July 14, 2003

Not So Much For Me With The Posting…

Posted in General at 11:24 pm by Ian

I haven’t posted much recently because I’ve spent my time futzing with computer issues.

I just installed Red Hat 9 on one of my computers, and am in the processes of outfitting it to be the server for this here weblog. I was really impressed with how easy it was. I just put the disks in, hit install, and it worked. Easiest install of any operating system I have ever done.

And it just worked*, too.

This, naturally, caused my Windows box to stop working, thus providing further evidence of the Law of Conservation of Broken Computers. I’m still not sure what’s wrong with it, but it’s decided to grace me with function for a time. I think it might be because my cd drive ate a bit of an onion the other day (Don’t ask).

*Actually, funny story: At first the internet connection didn’t work, and I couldn’t figure out why. I sent a message to the help desk, and they told me that the gateway IP address I had was wrong, and that the one I was using was a way old (5+ years) dorm access gateway. How, you may ask, did I get a deprecated IP address in there? Well, I copied it from my Windows box. Which was, of course, copied from AB at some point. Which I’m sure was copied from someone else. But there hasn’t been a machine at that address for years.


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