July 18, 2003


Posted in General at 8:19 pm by Ian

I just had the following conversation with someone on Magic Online who picked out a card of mine, which I was advertising for sale.

7:00 greatZebu: tix? (Translation: Were you planning on paying for that?)
7:01 alangdiablo: hey can you trade this pleasee (No, I’m just a jerk wasting your time)
7:01 alangdiablo: pleaseee
7:01 alangdiablo: i give you anytghing you want (I have nothing of intrinsic value)
7:01 greatZebu: you don’t have anything I want. (No thank you.)
7:02 alangdiablo: please i been looking for this card for 2 weeks now (Perhaps my life story will appease you?)
7:02 alangdiablo: pleaseee (Or I’ll just whine some more)
7:02 alangdiablo: ?
7:02 alangdiablo: pleaseee
7:02 alangdiablo: ????
7:02 alangdiablo: ?
7:03 greatZebu: gosh. I’ve been overwhelmed by your question marks. (What a moroon)
7:03 greatZebu: Guess I’ll have to trade it now.
7:03 alangdiablo: thanks (I fear for the human species)
7:03 alangdiablo: please

This went on for some time.rolleyes.gif


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