July 22, 2003

Comic Con: Part II (Take 2)

Posted in General at 10:30 pm by Ian

After seeing 0.000002% of Return of the King I was all rarin’ to go, so I went and stood in line for about an hour, all told. First, I stood in line at the Real Life and Megatokyo booth for a while. I talked to Greg Dean for a bit when I got that far. And, contrary to his recent comics on the subject, there were plenty of people who wanted to see him. In fact, he was so backed up with comics to print out that I said that I’d just email him my request, and he could ship it to me. His book (of the first year) is coming out in late August, so if you enjoy the comic, you should definitely buy it. Oh. And it was great! He was wearing the Greg outfit! I asked him if he had brought four copies of it, and he said that he just happened to be wearing it. Lizzie seemed unamused. But then, she seemed unamused by everything I said, so…

It turns out that Fred Gallagher is really slow dealing with fans, so I had to leave the line to meet with the people I was with (otherwise, they might have had to wait for me…).

It turned out our meeting place was right by the Penny Arcade booth, so I went over there. They were out of my size in the Wang-Fu shirts, so I’ll have to wait until they make it up on the online store. Sadly, because I didn’t buy it at the con, I won’t get an honarary certificate of Wang-Fu mastery.

But I’ll live.

Then Avani and Peter and I went back to the line for Real Life and Megatokyo for a while. I did want to get my Megatokyo book signed. We waited for a while, and the line seemed to be not moving. It turns out that Fred had taken a break. So I left my book with Avani and went off to find Scott Kurtz, who draws PVP. I couldn’t find him at the image booth, because it wasn’t where it was supposed to be. I searched for a while, but eventually went back to see if Avani and Peter were still there. I passed by the Happy Tree Friends booth, and I almost bought their DVD. It was only $15. But then I decided that if I were to actually watch two hours of that, I’d clearly already be insane. And straight jackets are expensive, so I saved my money.

When I got back, Avani and Peter had moved about 2 feet. So we gave up on it. I’ll have to see Fred next year, I guess. Then we went by Steve Jackson games booth, and I bought Deadwood, a Cheapass Games game. I really like their sales philosophy, which is to not sell you anything in their games that you could just steal from another game you have. (As a result, I had to go buy some Monopoly money. Actually, I bought a whole set; they didn’t have just the money, and it was only $9. Who sells Monopoly for $9?)

After that, Greg showed me the Narbonic booth, where I bought her book. It’s a cute little comic. Then he found me the Image booth, where Scott Kurtz still wasn’t. But I did find him, eventually. He was a nice guy. I bought his newest comic and had him sign it. I wish I had known which of his old books I was missing, because I could have gotten it then. But I didn’t. And, now, I’m also missing the Image issues 1 and 2.

I bought a book of Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics, and went to find him. Unfortunately, he had already left. I had actually been about ten feet from his booth earlier, but hadn’t realized it (and, having only ever seen a comic image of him, I didn’t recognize him).

I went by the Lord of the Rings Pavillion (oh yes; they had a whole pavillion) to see if I’d won the drawing for all kinds of cool stuff.


I didn’t get it.

Then I wandered around all over the place until they kicked everyone out. We went to dinner, and that was all she wrote.



  1. Ian said,

    Awwww. The suspense gap was supposed to be bigger.

  2. Philip said,

    If it makes you feel any better, I failed to win a drawing for one of 5 Centrino based IBM Thinkpads at an Intel 35th celebration today.

  3. Sarra said,

    If it makes you feel any better, I have failed to win a single bingo game throughout my entire public school career.

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