July 26, 2003


Posted in General at 2:57 pm by Ian

I watched 28 Days Later last weekend. Dunno how many of you like zombie flicks, but I love ’em. Don’t really care for most horror movies, but somehow, you get a lumbering corpse going after brains, and I just get shivers all over. But in a good way.

I really liked 28 Days. It was a new take on the zombie movie, with zombies being humans infected with a rather quick-acting virus rather than the dead risen. The result is that the “infected” are quick and intelligent, instead of slow and lumbering, and the change on contact takes about 20 seconds.

Many opinions I had read about the movie suggested that the last third, in which our protagonists come under the wing of the last remaining vestiges of the armed forces, was an uncharacteristicly slow and anticlimactic twist. I, however, thought that that was the best part of the movie. When the commanding officer talks about the zombie scourge being nothing more than “people killing people,” and Jim fights to rescue his fellow survivors, the movie actually has some rather deep insights into the nature of civilization and savagery.

And that is why it’s not only a freaky zombie movie but a good film as well. And, lest you think that it’s a philosophical walk in the park, the movie is scary. After watching it (in the early afternoon), I watched a Disney movie and read comics for a while and I still slept with the lights on for the next two days.

“What do we want?”
“When do we want them?”
–Zombie Rally


  1. Daniel said,

    Keli and i saw that a while back and while it was good (ie: cinematography, basic plot, twists,etc) were good, I was somewhat disappointed with the direction they took it.

    :: SPOILER ::
    :: SPOILER ::
    :: SPOILER ::
    :: SPOILER ::
    :: SPOILER ::

    I was particularly disappointed with how Mr. Bike Messenger (who nearly got beat down in his first hours out of the coma) turned into Super Combat Man and took out most of a small army of soldiers. It almost seemed like they wrote it as they went along without really thinking of the main elements they wanted in the film.

    I liked it and I’d see it again but I’m not sure if I’d run out and buy it. I did, however, love the sheer gorey-ness of the flick. Gotta love those over-seas movies! they get away with so much more than American films can!!

  2. Ian said,

    Continuing wit’ dem spoilers.

    Actually, when you get right down to it, he doesn’t actually kill that many of them. He lets zombie army guy loose, and he does most of the killing.

    The thing that bothered me the most about the movie was the degree to which they seemed to not take precautions against accidental infection. The military guy on the chain was tied up so that he could get about a foot from them. What if you slipped? What if he sneezed, or coughed blood on you? Gone. They use bats and machetes for protection. Could they have possibly chosen weapons that spray more blood around?

    The movie suffers from the classic problem that, were it really happening, everyone would be wearing face-obscuring headgear all the time. We see them in gas masks and goggles early on, but then they just… take them off. Why did they do this? No one knows. It makes no sense, except of course that you can’t hide the faces of you main characters for the whole movie.

  3. AB said,

    Saw the movie about a week ago–I liked it too and agree with most of your points. I just wanted to publicly bitch about the fact the day after I saw it, they started their “see the alternate ending” gimmick. What timing.

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