July 28, 2003

Libraries And Liberties

Posted in General at 11:25 pm by Ian

When I was walking to my bike at the end of the day today, I noticed that there were two men, one a library employee, the other building and maintenance, perhaps, standing by the other bike rack. They were discussing a boarded-up part of the library by the book drop. It seems that someone had become upset with the book drop being closed, and had expressed this displeasure by putting a book through the window. Now, there are a number of reasons that this was a less-than-brilliant move, the foremost of which would probably be that the book was checked out to you, you FREAKING moron.

Which brings me to my next tidbit on libraries: Librarians are cool! Due to the USA PATRIOT ACT, various law enforcement bodies can now inspect the records of libraries (Big Brother has to be able to make sure that you aren’t reading any dangerous books–which lead to dangerous ideas). Well. It turns out that librarians, long the heralds of learning, didn’t so much care for their new roles as tools of oppression, and have taken some rather interesting countermeasures. First, in many cases, they’ve taken to destroying many of their records as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the law prevents them from alerting people when the FBI comes a callin’. So certain libraries have come up with a delightfully clever method of keeping people informed: signs in the lobby that say “The FBI Has Not Been Here (watch closely for removal of this sign).”

I’ve redoubled my efforts to learn the Dvorak keyboard layout. I noticed that the keys on my laptop are all the same size and can be popped off. I’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to learn it before, but I figure this is my time to shine. It took me about an hour to write this, so if that’s any indication, I’ll have plenty.



  1. Lisa said,

    Duh, Ian. Librarians have ALWAYS been cool.

    I job-shadowed one in 6th grade!

  2. Ian said,

    Clearly I was just not aware of it until now. They somehow shielded their coolness from prying eyes. Social ninjas, they are.

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