August 19, 2003


Posted in General at 3:47 pm by Ian

AB, we clearly need to do something so that it’s more clear who’s writing what. The little bitty “Posted By” at the bottom is insufficient. For one thing, It’s at the bottom. Who the hell wants to scroll all the way down there? No one, that’s who.

Also it would help eliminate that feeling of dread that comes over me when I pull up the site and try to think back to what would have made me not remember writing such things! until, “oh…. I didn’t write that.”



  1. augie said,

    you could just create a new weblog; see the following for how:

  2. Ian said,

    Ah, yes of course we could, but the purpose of letting AB write on here was to allow him to bask in warm glow of the maybe 20 people that actually read this page.

    Also, thanks for pointing out the bug in the comments. You can now put html links in these comments, so you could give a real link to the site above.

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