August 19, 2003

Road Trip: Balancing Birds

Posted in General at 3:55 pm by Ian

August 6, 2003

We went down tto the waterfront today to see what was there. Pike’s
Place market is a huge sprawling assortment of knick-knack and prduce
sales that stretches for blocks. Apparently it’s where they throw fish
around and shuff, but I didn’t see any sugh shennanigans when I was
there. We wandered along for a while and looked at a bunch of little
shops, vending touristy-themed items bearing the word “Seattle.” One
shop went so far as to say that it sold things with the word
“Seattle” on them.

We walked down to the pier where there were people throwing food to the gulls. There was one that kept trying to stand on a partially submerged log that was precariously balanced. As soon as the bird got on it, it would start to roll, and the gull would take a few steps forward. This tilted things the opposite way, and the bird continued to move, oscillating out of control, in one of the funniest displays of log-rolling I’ve ever seen. We watched and laughed for about ten minutes. After the first bird gave up, others would try thier luck, each getting pitched into the water by the log.

And they sold coffee everywhere. I found espresso machines at a
tourist shop, an antique store, and a hot dog stand. Later, Matt and Katie showed us a coffee shop called “Coffee Messiah.” They had a neon sign in the window that said “Caffeine Saves.”


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