August 19, 2003

Road Trip: Fickle Monkeys

Posted in General at 3:45 pm by Ian

August 5, 2003

We went to the zoo today with Didi. It was by far the best trip to the zoo Iv’e ever been on. Didi works in the primate house, so she could tell us all kinds of things about the individual animals. Unfortunately for her, the trip may have soured her relationships with them. You see, Didi is the one who normally brings them juice. Several of the apes felt quite slighted, evidently, by the fact that she didn’t bring them any this time.

The orangutan was definitely pouting. It (I don’t remember if it was male or female) came right up to the glass to see her and then, when it became apparent that she would not be supplying any food, the orangutan made a big show of turning around and ignoring her, glancing around occasionally to make sure that she knew she was being ignored.

Sure showed her.


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