August 25, 2003

Y’all Fixin’ To Dance?

Posted in General at 1:01 am by Ian


wait, let me try that again.



I went dancing with my mom this evening. We went to Monroe hall, where they have Country Western dancin’ on Sunday nights. West Coast Swing, Country Two-Step, Line Dances, Country Waltz (oh yes, they have that), and something called Cowboy Cha-cha that chilled me to my very soul. But it was great fun. I danced all the dances except for the two steps because, try as I might, I kept doing a Foxtrot.

(Note: Dancing a Foxtrot in a Country Western Dance Hall while your partner is attempting to dance a Two-Step, which is the dance that actually goes to the song being played, is not advised. Lesser offenses have gotten men shot.)

This was a very Country place. There was a sign on the wall directing “Hippies” to use the side door. The side door was an exit. The red octagonal sign as you leave the parking lot says “WHOA” (I shit you not). I did not have occasion to use the bathroom (when dancing, I prefer to sweat out my excess fluids), but I imagine the choices would have been something like “Cowpokes” and “Missuses.”

Objection: conjecture.

The dances are all very linear, and if you don’t keep moving around the room, and I mean really moving, people will run you over. So I couldn’t do some of the waltz steps that I knew, because they don’t include enough forward motion. That’s ok, though, because when I tried to do some of the Cha-cha steps I knew, I got looked at kinda funny. It all worked out though! And I had a great time.

Them line dances are kinda catchy.



  1. Lisa said,

    Why is everything from the Note on italicized? I mean, it’s pretty and everything (just like Catain Jack Sparrow)(MmHMM) but un peu out of the ordinary, no?

  2. Lisa said,

    …and throw a p in that catain, why don’t you…

  3. Ian said,

    I blame the italics pixies.

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