September 3, 2003

My Bathroom Is Bigger Than Yours Too

Posted in General at 2:58 pm by Ian

I moved in to my room on Monday. And by “moved in,” I mean that I piled all my boxes in my room rather than out in storage. But it’s ok; they all fit, because my room is huge. For the past three years I’ve lived in double rooms in North, which measure 10′ by 20′. I measured my room when I got here. It’s 10′ by 17′. Just for me. It feels like so much space. Bigger than my room at home even.

Our suite lounge is awesome, too. Kevin got a big TV, so we have the TV set up with all our video games and VCR and all that good stuff. Mom got me some shelf-thingies that got used for that. It’s pretty sweet.

And the shower is huge. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure it would be large enough for at least a medium-sized orgy.

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  1. Nikhil said,

    too true.
    This really is awesome. I don’t know what to do with all of the space in my room, so I’m currently just leaving stuff all over the floor. Also, our lounge really is at least half as big as the North lounge, which is nice since we’ve got 1/9th the number of people (except when it’s full of people playing games).

    However, we’ve still to see whether we’ll be more or less easily distracted than last year.

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