September 9, 2003

The Gauntlet

Posted in General at 1:59 am by Ian

That’s what I think I’ll call it. My schedule (which should be posted soon for your viewing pleasure, unless someone steals my laptop and puts it somewhere in my backpack that I can’t find it again) is rapidly shaping up to be very busy this semester, with the busiest day of all being Tuesday. I said before not to expect an update on Tuesday. Here’s why:

My first class starts at 9:35 am
My last class ends at 12:00 midnight.

In that time, I have 2.5 hours break around dinnertime.

That’s it.


  1. Lisa said,

    Yeah, yeah.
    My Wednesday schedule starts at 8 and ends at 10, with a three hour dinner break in there. You mathematicians out there may notice that Ian technically has about an hour more of obligation than I do, but let me remind you that I have to get up at 7 after the same midnight class that Ian has on Tuesday.

  2. Philip said,

    You really shouldn’t count dance as a class. Dance is a break from the world of academics. It doesn’t help you graduate anymore, and you’re taking it just because it’s fun.

    Then again, maybe I’m the only one that dances just for the fun of it.

  3. Ian said,

    It counts as a class because I have to go or I get kicked off the team (Yeah, I do the team voluntarily, but that doesn’t mean that the requirements are any less real). Also, you weren’t there for Tatsu’s intermediate class. Hardly got to dance at all :(.

  4. Lisa said,

    Also: dance counts as a class even for us non-team members because just because we’re doing it for fun doesn’t mean that it’s just la-la time that can be readily switched. I’m taking my geo classes because they’re fun and I like them too, but even though I enjoy them there are still times when I’d rather be sleeping/running errands, etc. Especially that sleeping bit. :p

  5. Philip said,

    Is doing Tatsu’s class really a requirement for the dance team?

  6. Ian said,

    That’s where the second part of my comment comes in. Tatsu’s class was not fun.

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