September 10, 2003


Posted in General at 12:28 am by Ian

Read the story for this ebay auction. Made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.



  1. Kyle said,

    Creepy is definitly the right word. Definitely.

  2. nikhil said,



  3. Ian said,

    Dude. Nikhil, your email address should probably no longer be pointing Down Under.

  4. Nikhil said,

    Well, I can still check that mailbox.
    I just like to change up the email addresses I give people.

  5. Ian said,

    You just like to be a dork.

  6. Nikhil said,

    Although that’s true, I’m gonna have to stick with my earlier statement.

    Also, read the back of my shirt today, Ian.

    (for those of you who won’t be reading my shirt, it’s the one that says: “Ian Sucks”)

  7. Mama said,

    Whoa what a weird ebay auction item. This stuff is too creepy for me. Yuck.

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