September 19, 2003

AArrrrr! ‘Tis Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Posted in General at 12:02 am by Ian

Avast Ye! Me Pirate Name be Captain Sam Rackham, pillager of these seas, swashbuckler, and master of this mighty vessel.

Ye fine souls be invited aboard if ye have mastered the art of talking like a pirate. Answer “Arrr,” “Aye Aye, Captain,” and “Death to land-lubbers” when spoken to, and do it smartly, or ye’ll be swingin’ from the yardarm ‘ere noon.


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  1. Cap’n Nikhil the bluefisted said,

    Avast Ye! Me bones are a’ itchin’ for some fine pirate dialogue. Far be it from me to ignore this fiddly-dar day’s duties.


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