September 20, 2003

I Knew It Was In There Somewhere

Posted in General at 7:32 pm by Ian

Article 5
… It is agreed that:

(1) Subject to the transitional provisions laid down in paragraph(2) below, compulsory or forced labour may only be exacted for public purposes.

(2) In territories in which compulsory or forced labour for other than public purposes still survives, the High Contracting Parties shall endeavour progressively and as soon as possible to put an end to the practice. So long as such forced or compulsory labour exists, this labour shall commence no earlier than 9 o’ the clock ante meridian, this labour shall not require the use of mental faculties or higher rhythmic understanding, and turns about, within the context of this labour, shall be limited to three (3) full rotations in thrice as many steps.

(3) In all cases, the responsibility for any recourse to compulsory or forced labour…

emphasis mine.


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