September 21, 2003

Calendar Added

Posted in General at 4:32 pm by Ian

I added my iCal calendar over on the left so y’all can see what I’ll be doing (lots and lots of stuff). So far, it only updates when I actually copy it over, but I’m planning on setting up an automatic update. Anyone (Adam, Dad) with advice on how to do that is welcome to bust out with some mad suggestions.



  1. augie said,

    that all depends on how you are creating the iCal in the first place and on which environment you are trying to automate the process.

    if it were me, since i’m a linux geek, i would write some bash script to export my calendar to an iCal format, scp that to my web server, and have cron do the job at regular intervals.

    please do consider the ramifications of letting everyone and anyone know exactly where you are (or aren’t, i.e. home) at any given time.

  2. Lisa said,


    Now I can stalk you better.

  3. Adam said,

    I think that FTP of SCP via a cron job is about the only way to do it (unless you have your iBook on enough to use it as a webserver just for the iCal files…) I have never set up a cron job under OS X, so I don’t know exactly how to go about it, but it should be a pretty simple one since it will just involve copying files from a static location to another static location.

  4. Ian said,

    Yes, a cron job is what I was thinking of. Never having actually set one up, though, I’m not sure what to do. My hope is that, say, daily, my laptop will find itself a connection and send the file over to my webserver.

    Augie, I appreciate your concern, but given the small circulation of this weblog, the very relaxed security at school in general, and the tendency, so far, of my stalkers to be awfully cute, I think that the risks are minimal.

    I use iCal for my calendar. Can you write a script for it?

  5. augie said,

    see ‘man crontab’ for setting up user defined cron jobs. otherwise you can just put it under /etc/cron.daily or similar if you have them.

    i don’t know what kind of hooks iCal has. if you can run it from the command line you could script it to export your calendar and then use that export to scp up to your web server.

    or maybe even better would be to find out where iCal saves your calendar file (hopefully just one file), and just periodically upload that to your web server.

  6. Daniel said,

    Well SOMEONE certainly is a busy little bee!

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