September 22, 2003

In Which Ian Explores Stream of Consciousness Writing

Posted in General at 9:27 pm by Ian

Just had an awesome tutoring session for CS60, the class that I signed up for because I figured it would involve less work that CS70. So far, that’s been the case, although people were there working quite a bit tonight. The thing is, I was totally on top of my game. Answering questions. Left. Right! Bam, and I had the answer, even though I’d never done Java I/O, and it involves crazy incantations such as new random.other.crap.Ala.Kazaam). I even got a big laugh at my final joke when I left the terminal room.

I bet Seinfeld doesn’t even always get that.

I mean, if he did standup anymore.

The only downside of the evening so far has been that I couldn’t go check my mail which has been accumulating in the last few days, most likely with important and vital offers (I may have already won! You? No.) that, as I said, I was unable to access because I forget the combination to the mailroom, which newly this year has been secured.

My theory based on thinking about it for about 13 seconds is that it was secured because of the widespread theft of porn from mailboxes. Soon, though, that won’t be much of an issue, as I hear that porn magazines are having an exceptionally tough time of it financially, what with all the porn on the internet (ha ha. Just try to check my facts on that one. Google will cackle violently, as it did earlier today when I was trying to find a site that supposedly had “rules” for Emo culture, and Google gave me back 2,466,000 hits with the phrase: “Emo RULES!!!!!!11“). Hustler is apparently dangerously close to not printing any more issues, and Playboy’s subscribers are less than 10% of what they were a decade or so ago.

Single Tear™ 😥

Which leads me to believe that Larry Flynt’s bid for governor is more than just one of his publicity stunts. I bet he needs the cash. I mean, hey, cocaine doesn’t come cheap.

But, back to the mailroom. I have a feeling that it’s a pretty marginal security measure considering:

  • There’s one combination for the mailroom, which all the students know. Call me crazy, but I don’t think that people are coming in off the street to steal porn.
  • The lock is one of those ones that we use on the doors here to keep out the slow-witted and foolish, with 5 numbers to press. They are ridiculously easy to brute force, especially considering that the numbers can’t be used repeatedly, and someone in administration apparently decided that using all the numbers was somehow more secure. 🙄


  1. Philip said,

    Ian! You just narrowed down the code to our mailroom so that all of the Scripps women that read your blog won’t have to waste their time on combinations of 1, 2, 3, or 4. If I don’t get an offer for any crappy magazines or something from the Army asking me to enlist my Spanish speaking firstborn in the next week, I’ll know that someone is stealing my junkmail.

  2. Nikhil said,

    Yeah, watch out. Those Field & Stream’s are hot items on the black market, right after fake Blockbuster cards and Segways.

  3. Ian said,

    Philip. Tsk tsk. There’s no way that all of Scripps reads my weblog. I would estimate no more than half.

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