September 25, 2003

Free Riders

Posted in General at 10:18 pm by Ian

In Global Environmental Politics today, Prof Steinburg was discussing the Free Rider problem as it relates to non-consumable exclusive resources. Or maybe it was consumed non-excludable resources. Or something else. But anyway, the idea was that people are less likely to donate to, say, save the rainforests than they are to buy something for themselves because if someone else gives money to save the rain forests, you can get all the benefits of their donation, whereas if you want a certain product and someone else gets it, you’re no better off.

Except that he was using software as his example of a product that is useless when purchased by someone else. I managed not to laugh, though.



  1. Adam said,

    tsk tsk tsk

  2. Ian said,

    I know, I know; I’m a bad person. Go be all moral elsewhere.

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