September 27, 2003


Posted in General at 10:48 pm by Ian

We were watching Little Kid Jeopardy™ this afternoon and heckling the contestants. But those little twerps deserved it. Who talks with a snooty accent at the age of twelve??? Deirdre, it seems, does.

I should explain. First, we were playing Smash Bros. and the other TV (well, one of the other ones :D) got turned on so Nikhil could suck at Final Fantasy II. But what was actually on there was the beginning of Jeopardito, so we started to watch out of the corners of our eyes. Pretty soon, we were just doing moves that took up a lot of time so we could watch the little kids.

After a few minutes, we were just shouting the answers, or what we thought were the answers, or whatever. Little buggers were smart. They knew more about baseball than I did, more about international relations than Kevin, and more about 4th grade literature than all of us put together. Punks.

Highlight of the episode:
Alex: Easter is on a different date each year because it revolves around this heavenly body.
Stephen: [shouting at the TV] Jesus!

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