October 3, 2003

F–sh C–m Pr–k

Posted in General at 6:49 am by Ian

Not that I heard anything, or nothin’, but if you maybe happened to wander up toward Mudd around 9 or 10 this morning, there just might be something to see.




  1. Daniel said,

    Frosh …. Prank? What’s the “C–m”? :confused: Cram? Clam? Calm?

  2. Sarra said,

    Chem. Frosh chem prank.

    It’s the first chem test of the year. Last year they took all the furniture out of the frosh’s room; from what I understand that’s the traditional prank.

    Unfortunately, I’m too busy studying for *my* chem test to go up and laugh at them. 😦

  3. Ian said,

    I should have some pictures up soon. Atwood put all the matresses down in Galileo, which is about a quarter mile away. We also went into our frosh’s room and turned lots of stuff over. And we pulled their lights out and put popcorn up in the light fixture so that when they open it to fix the lights, popcorn falls all over the place.

    Also, in a fit of bad taste, we opened a condom and smeared mayonnaise on it and draped it over their doorknob. [Snicker]

    Other suites did other things, too, I think.

  4. becca said,

    *shakes head*

    good times, i say. good times.

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