October 7, 2003

Stupid Spammers II

Posted in General at 12:59 pm by Ian

This was the entirety of an email I got yesterday:

Dr. will help you get Meds Meds you need for great deal All Meds that you have heard about Visit to see all Meds you wanted No papers needed to get any Meds Any Meds granted without papers needed Meds that will help more than over counter Need not over the counter Meds?

It’s quite clear on its central thrust, so no fault there. Clearly, if I want “Meds,” I would pay quite close attention. However, there’s no website, no phone number, and no return address. I’m forced to accept this as some sort of english-deficient public service announcement informing me that Meds exist, and can apparently be gotten without papers. But they would not be so crass as to tell me where.


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  1. Ian said,

    Also, for some reason they spoofed the “To” field. I can understand faking the “From” one, so I don’t easily have their address to complain to or firebomb, but the “To” field? Am I somehow supposed to assume that this vital information was meant for someone else but, oh, lucky me, I have stumbled upon it?

    Once again, the answer is that spammers are dumb.

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