October 11, 2003

…I’m Tired of Peeing Blood!”

Posted in General at 6:55 pm by Ian

I took my Theo Comp test yesterday afternoon, and let me tell you, it sure… was a test. (Note: The preceeding sentence is not meant to suggest that the test was a true test of my skill, that I in any way felt “tested” by it, or that would be useful for any skill-discriminating application due to difficulty, length, or any other factor, nor should this disclaimer suggest that it wasn’t any of those things. Void in Utah)

It took me a certain amount of time to complete, which will remain undisclosed here, except to say that it was less than or equal to the time limit, which was two hours. And, of course, when I say “complete,” I do not mean to imply that I completed the entire test, merely that those problems (assuming there was more than one problem) on which I did work were done to whatever level of completion they were in when I stopped working on them. Assuming I was able to do any work on them at all.

But, still, I’m feeling very <censored> about my <censored> on this test, especially the <censored> where we had to <censored>.

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