October 14, 2003

Oh, Yeah!

Posted in General at 1:26 pm by Ian

Professor Steinberg, commenting on the papers we got back: “I was impressed with the overall quality of the papers, from <somebody>’s pinning Sagoff to the mat to Ian’s ‘I thought I was a good writer until I read Ian’s paper’…”

[pumps fist wildly into the air]

I knew I liked that guy.



  1. Mama said,

    Sounds great hon. How’s the cold? I sent you a care package yesterday. I tried to go to the post Office. Well I actually went to the Post Office but they were closed for some guy named Columbus. Who ever gave him a Day? I mean what has he done for us lately? I was there with another woman who was also wondering.
    I went to SF for my WC eval today. Long day. Glad it is over.
    Hey what about the travel expenses for the November trip to Ohio? Did they figure that one out? I did put $130 in your account for the GREs.
    Sorry about your books and stuff. I got them ready and in a pile in your room then dropped the ball.
    Have a wonderful time and be well. Namaste and I love you. Mama :p

  2. Liza said,

    Kudos for the compliment…definitely the best one I’ve ever heard of…or maybe the prof has a really good sense of humor. Either way, well done. :ninja: (I just put that in there because I like the face).

  3. Ian said,

    The cold turned out to be a false alarm 😎

    Thanks, mama.

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